Hands & Voices Guide By Your Side Program: Opening for Parent Guide

BC Early Hearing Program would like to announce an Opening for a Parent Guide in the Hands & Voices Guide By Your Side Program

Please see the following PDF for more information and how to apply.

2017 GBYS Parent Guide posting

Deadline for applications is Friday September 29th, 2017


Opening for Parent Guide
The Guide By Your Side program provides parent support linking parents of children newly identified deaf/hard of hearing or deafblind through newborn hearing screening with trained and experienced “Parent Guides” and “Deaf/Hard of Hearing Guides”.

What is the role of the Parent Guide?
Guide By Your Side Parent Guides offer parents the opportunity to establish a supportive relationship with another parent, sharing stories about their own experiences raising a child who is deaf, hard of hearing or deafblind, as well as some of the practical advice a parent learns over the years (e.g. how did we keep those hearing aids on our baby’s ears and out of his mouth??!!).
Parent Guides are trained to support families without bias towards modes or methods of communication. We believe in the Hands & Voices slogan, “What Works for your Child is what makes the Choice right.”

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