Parenting Workshop Learning, Harmony & Fun: Parenting our Deaf/Hard of Hearing Children

  • Saturday, November 16, 2019
    9:45 am to 3:00 pm

    BC School for the Deaf – Burnaby South Secondary
    5455 Rumble Street Burnaby, BC

    Download Flyer here: ParentWorkshop2019Flyer

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    Barbara Desmarais, “The Parenting Coach,” has many years of experience leading parenting courses and workshops, as well as providing one on one parent coaching. Barb’s training in the area of early child education, as well as her personal experience as a parent, fed her passion for the quality of care we provide for our children. Barb and her partner have raised four children, including twin step-sons who are both Deaf, so she can personally relate to our experience raising children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

    Let’s learn together to live in harmony with our kids, to find the fun and reduce our parenting struggles!

    Specific topics will include:

    · Having effective communication with our children

    · Supporting our children’s social needs

    · Being mindful of the needs of our other children

    · Discipline & setting boundaries

    · Thinking about what messages we want to give our children

    · Maintaining life balance when raising a child who is DHH

    Parent Focused: This event is specifically for parents who have deaf/hard of hearing children or youth. Our organizations believe in the value of parent connections – the workshop will include opportunities to share your stories, ask questions, and network with other parents.

    ASL Interpreters & CART captioning will be provided.

    For your Kids

    Childcare and Deaf Youth Today (DYT) Fun Day have limited space & will be provided on a first come, first served basis. Registration is required.

    Babies to Age 5: Onsite childcare for deaf/hard of hearing children and their hearing siblings.

    Ages 5 to 13: DYT FUN DAY! A day of fun activities for deaf hard of hearing child organized by our experienced DYT staff. We hope to have most of the day’s events onsite. DYT values the importance and benefit of sign language. Our staff use ASL in our program*

    *Based on response to DYT programming during past joint workshops, DYT emphasizes that staff may or may not use listening/speaking as a communication tool. This is an individual and personal choice which DYT understands and respects. DYT will provide interpreters so that children new to sign language feel welcomed and encouraged to join the program. This is a great peer/mentoring opportunity for deaf and hard of hearing children in an ASL-rich environment.





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