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My Personal Challenges in Dealing with My Son’s Hearing Loss

My son Connor was diagnosed with a mild bilateral hearing loss at birth. At the time of diagnosis, I went through the typical grieving process but Connor having a hearing loss really didn’t affect me because I myself have a … Continue reading 

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My Daughter Swallowed a Battery

By: Bobbi Best I would like to share a story that as a family we laugh about now, but at the time it did not seem that funny. My daughter was about 19 months old and had had her hearing … Continue reading 

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Early Drawing Gives Children an Advantage in Gaining Literacy

Written by Bob Steele Bob Steele was an associate professor (emeritus) at the University of British Columbia and was with the Drawing Network.  This article first appeared in the Vancouver Sun on March 3, 2009. Reprinted with permission. Some 20 years ago … Continue reading 

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Parents Sharing Their Experiences


On Friday, October 16th, BC Hands & Voices held its 3rd event, this time hosting a parent panel. The event was held at Provincial Services for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing, at the Victory Hill site in Burnaby. We would like to express our gratitude to them for allowing us to use their boardroom for our event.

The panel was made up of parents who are either or both on our BC H&V board or who are members of BC H&V and are parent guides from the Guide By Your Side Program. Participating on the panel were: Amy Ho, Bobbi Best, Terri Dauvin, Monique Preer & Chris Mallinson. Each of the parents on the panel hoped to share their experience and knowledge in raising a child with a hearing loss with the parents in the audience and to answer any questions that the audience might have.

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