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A Whole New World

When I was two years old I was diagnosed with a severe to profound hearing loss. I was the first deaf person my parents had ever met. Decisions had to be made, and my parents made the best decisions they … Continue reading 

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H&V 2010 National Leadership Conference

I was honoured to be selected to attend the annual Hands & Voices National Leadership Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota this past summer. It really gave me a much broader understanding of what Hands & Voices does, and how BC Hands … Continue reading 

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Son Inspires Torchbearer

Story By Alfie Lau – The Burnaby Now Norman Wong won’t forget his moment of glory in Maple Ridge on March 10. The North Burnaby man who works as a program supervisor for the Shaw Multicultural Channel won the right … Continue reading 

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The “Daily Draw”

From the age of two, children use spontaneous drawing as a language medium but the potential becomes real only if adult care-givers take an interest by motivating themes. We believe that most children are still innocently deprived of drawing as … Continue reading 

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Signing Course First in North America

Story by Jennifer Moreau, The Burnaby Now The Burnaby school district launched North America’s first online American Sign Language course last month. “It’s about access, it’s about bridging cultures, all cultures of the world,” said Karen Taylor, the administrator for the … Continue reading 

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My Daughter Swallowed a Battery

By: Bobbi Best I would like to share a story that as a family we laugh about now, but at the time it did not seem that funny. My daughter was about 19 months old and had had her hearing … Continue reading 

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Early Drawing Gives Children an Advantage in Gaining Literacy

Written by Bob Steele Bob Steele was an associate professor (emeritus) at the University of British Columbia and was with the Drawing Network.  This article first appeared in the Vancouver Sun on March 3, 2009. Reprinted with permission. Some 20 years ago … Continue reading 

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Living with Hearing Loss in One Ear

By Diane Goodman I am 63 years old, and have a thirteen year old grandson who is hard of hearing. I first noticed my hearing loss in 1990, when I was 44 years old. I was staying the night at … Continue reading 

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It’s Raining Hands & Voices!

One would expect only beautiful sunny weather at the end of August. Unfortunately we live in British Columbia and that means buckets of rain, any time of year. So when we planned our First Annual Hands & Voices Picnic for … Continue reading 

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