Moulds, Moulds and More Moulds

I have a collection of hearing aid ear moulds 9 to be exact. As a new born Connor started wearing his aids at 3 months, from there it seemed like his ears revolved aroundhis moulds! About every 6 weeks we would get a new pair. This meant that off we’d trot to the audiologist every 4 weeks to get fitted and then back again in another two weeks to pick up the moulds. The frequency of getting fittedfor ear moulds slowed after Connor turned a year old. For the next year from 1 to 2 we’ve only had to go get fitted 3 times. Now some advise for parents enjoy the ear mould fittings in the first year when the babies are getting fitted they are generally calm and hold still. In my experience this last year Connor is constantly squirming and does not like to get fitted! I have been told that this is just a phase so my fingers are crossed hoping that Connor at 2 will be much like he was at 6 months when he gets fitted the next time.

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